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 Lyceum Tate

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Lyceum Tate

Nickname: N/A

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Captain & Doctor

Crew: Pirates

Ship: Still yet to get one


Physical Information

Character Picture:


Height: 5 ft 9
Weight: 9 stone
Eye color: Hazel

Lyceum has a pentagonal shaped face with a button nose and a slight tan to indicate he isn't fully white, his skin is mostly olive coloured and has mousey brown shaggy hair which is wavy the longer it gets. He has light freckles which spread from his right to left cheek and a little bit of facial hair in the form of light looking sideburns a little whisper of a moustache and then some much rough facial hair around his chin leading down his neck. He has a body which isn't hugely muscular but there can be seen muscles on the body small and quite toned. On both feet he has a slightly longer 2nd toe which helps with agility. Lyceum wears black and white boots the tips are white the rest is black with a white spiral on the sides. He wears light blue jeans with darker blue paw prints up them and black and white horizontally stripped hooded jumper which he usually wears with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a black bowler hat on his head with a yellow ribbon around it which has white paw prints all around it. Always sitting beside him is his sword in its sheath, Lyceum carries around a sword with him which sits in a black sheath with white loops leading all the way down both sides of it. The hilt has a yellow ribbon hanging from it and the rest of it is coloured a dark metallic blue.

Defining Marks:


Mental State

Lyceum is very nice.
Lyceum is calm
Lyceum is lazy
Lyceum enjoys going at his own pace and hates being rushed
Lyceum likes competition
Lyceum has a warped way of thinking
Lyceum understands human psychology well from watching people allot of his life
Lyceum dislikes boasting and will often keep quiet around people who want to prove their strength
Lyceum often likes doing things on the spur of the moment
Lyceum dislikes sneaky people

Lyceum believes in a can do way of life mostly with a hint of can do later, he prefers to lay back and relax while he can but will fight to the bitter end and death when it is needed. He is a clever man who understands allot about life and has seen many different sides to life which makes him see how different people are and how different they react.



Medical Equipment






Lyceum was born in the North Blue to parents who were a doctor and a poet, his father was a wise man who was always smoking and writing beautiful poetry, he didn't make much money but did enjoy his life. His mother took up the career of being a doctor as she had always wanted to help people and now here she was helping people and enjoying her work despite how little income her husband brought in. She hated how poor they were but loved her husband dearly and didn't want to leave him even if he only brought in a small amount of income. During Lyceum's childhood he spent allot of time being looked after by his father and once his father had written something he would often ask Lyceum his thoughts on it as he enjoyed seeing how the mind of a child looked at his work.

Lyceum enjoyed the rhymes and imagery which filled his mind as he sat there listening to what his father read. It made him realise how rushed the world was with people who were aiming to get somewhere as soon as possible with out enjoying the journey to the said position.

Teenage Life

During his teenage years Lyceum saw his mother returning home incredibly tired and exhausted after long shifts and asked her if he could join her at work to see if he could help her with her work and also learn a trade along the way. He had spent many years at home listening to his father's poetry and found it all so beautiful and interesting but now he was beginning to grow bored of sitting at home and wanted to see the real world.

After joining his mother at her work in the hospital after her first day he could feel his childish dreams slipping away and a bloody terrible realisation beginning to form in his mind. He noticed how many victims turned up bloody with wounds from wars with Marines and began to feel an instant dislike to the amount of people who arrived at the hospital due to Marine inflicted injuries. Lyceum quickly began to learn how treat some of these simple wounds from seeing his mother operate on them and as time went on he began to even perform some of the simpler operations himself to help his mother as she was getting much and much older. He disliked seeing age take its toll on his parents but knew it was bound to do so and shrugged his shoulders as they got on and so did he.


On his birthday of which he was noted to be a man Lyceum had spent many years working for his mother as hired help due to her age and he had enjoyed learning and seeing how the real world functioned. Helping his mother made him happy and now they were both proud of him for doing so well taking over his mother's job but as he did more and more Marine inflicted injures turned up. He gritted his teeth tightly with anger as he worked on the patients till finally one day when a Marine approached him and gave him grief for not saving his friends life Lyceum snapped and threw his fist into his face.

He knew this was wrong and now would have to leave before the Marine grabbed hold of him and started threatening to put him in a prison cell, he turned as quickly as he could manage in the opposite way. As he ran he saw that the Marine was far behind from the punch and sped up, he didn't like exerting so much of his energy as he was used to lounging around at home from an early age with his dad. But as he'd hit a Marine it was time he ran and ran far and wide and attempted to hide. As he ran and hid from the Marine he was tapped on the shoulder and discovered to be hiding in a dojo owner's dojo. The owner asked Lyceum what he was doing and replied that he wouldn't rat him out if he could beat him in a fight. As he got into a fight with the owner he quickly lost. As he headed to turn him into the marine he noticed Lyceum begging him and wondered if Lyceum would be any better with a sword, He had shown some potential during their fight and instead of turning him in the owner asked Lyceum if he could train him with a sword.

Lyceum agreed and spent the next few years learning sword techniques whilst also hiding out from the Marines who often came to see fellow Marines in the hospital. As he learnt how to fight with a sword Lyceum was happy he now knew a way to fight and deal with any Marines who got in his way. He doubted he'd have a bounty but figured people would know who he was and was happy to have learnt a sword technique. After thanking the dojo owner for his help he told Lyceum he had one more gift for him and offered him a small box with a fruit in it.

Lyceum asked him what it was and what it was for and the owner explained to Lyceum that he had once had a son who was killed by Marine for mistaken identity. He said that he could see allot of his son in Lyceum and wanted him to have the fruit in the box. He had been planning on giving it to his son but as he was killed Lyceum was offered the fruit in exchange for being a sort of foster son for the owner. He happily accepted the fruit and ate it with gratitude for the owner of the dojo. He was ecstatic till he finished the fruit and learnt how disgusting it was.


After eating the fruit Lyceum set out and returned home to discover his parents still alive and moving on he told them he was planning on leaving home to become a pirate for the reasons of avenging his mentor's son and because he had seen what the Marines had done to many people in the world and he wanted to do some collateral damage to these Marines as they had done to civilians and various others too.

Sample Rp

Looking at the Marines walking past him Lyceum dipped his head and lowered his hat to cover his face and walked past them covering himself up. He didn't know if they knew who he was but he remembered one of them as the Marine he'd punched all those years ago. But what was he doing here in Logue Town?

Brisking passing by he noticed the Execution Platform beside him and smiled at it he looked around at the audience of people it had drawn from all around the world and felt honoured to stand in its presence. He had heard about many pirates coming here to restock before heading on to the Grand Line but with no crew or ship he was wondering why he'd even bothered to stop here and figured it would probably have been more beneficial for him to just pass on by and head straight to the Grand Line the same way he'd been travelling elsewhere.

By stowing away.

He was surprised he hadn't been captured by now and was wondering when the time would come that someone discovered himself aboard the ship. He turned and began to make his way back to the docks where he could climb aboard a ship going to the Grand Line and begin his search for a strong crew who would help him aspire to his goals.
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Lyceum Tate
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