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 Arashi Apple

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PostSubject: Arashi Apple   Arashi Apple Icon_minitime1Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:34 pm

[Ah-Ah-Arashi Apple.]

Name in Japanese: Arashi Apple
Name Translation: Storm Apple

Appearance: The fuit has a lightning bolt shaped stem. Being a dark blue while having the skin of an apple. While as well the shape of the apple is also. In the shape of a large lightning bolt.

Capabilities: The fruit gives the eater the ability to manipulate lightning. Transfer lightning through particular objects. For example. " A Sword or Lance." It does not let the user become, or travel at the speed of a lightning bolt. But is unknown to many of the Knowledable about Devil Fruit. So it's powers are very vague but only known to give it's wielder the power to manipulate electricity & lightning.

Type: Logia
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Arashi Apple
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