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  Nehil Oscura - "The Melancholy Knight"

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Nehil Oscura

Nehil Oscura

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PostSubject: Nehil Oscura - "The Melancholy Knight"    Nehil Oscura - "The Melancholy Knight" Icon_minitime1Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:12 pm

[Nehil Oscura]

Nickname: [Melancholy Knight]

Age: [16]

Gender: [Male, although for his good looks is mistaken for a female at times.]

Occupation: [Solo Pirate currently.]

Crew: [No crew currently.]

Ship: [The Blue Boat - Basically a Raft made of logs painted blue. Large enough to stand on with a single silver pole he plunged into the middle with a large blue rag. At the top of the Silver pole is a Flag with a Sad cross bones skeleton on it.]


Physical Information

Character Picture:  Nehil Oscura - "The Melancholy Knight" 1012640

Description: Having a very slender, frame. It's hardly noticable weither underneath his cloak if he is man or woman. His hair is at least shoulder length. His eyes occasionly emotionless to the senses otheriwse melancholy in design. Otherwise gloomy. Although slender he is very toned, a body easy of wow'ing any female on the spot. And any features in particular that are aside from this portait of him. Would be a scar on his left cheek that is oddly, yet always performing a light blue glow.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 101 lbs
Eye color: Sky blue.

Defining Marks: (what stands out on your body. This doesn't need to be filled) Already pointed out above. -


Mental State

Personality: His personality is usually very genuine. Always ready to help someone. Rather arrogant at times and hard to understand. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, as well as well versed in the ways of the blade. Quite clever and sometimes rude. A playboy by sight boosts his confidence. Quite the intruiging personality one could have.

Mentality: His mentality a majority of the time is literally nothing. At least to those who try to read him. A strategist made to think on his toes. It's hard to see through none the less because of this. But his true Mentality is a simple one. To be just and to do what is correct. Weither it be helping pirates, thieves or the Navy, it's all the same to him.


Items Tied to his sash underneath his cloath is a gourd filled with water. And Currently he only has a simple fruit, unknown to him in the shape of a lightning bolt. Which he has not eaten since gained for personal reasons. ( will submit the fruit afterwards.) And of course some "loot" or gold coins obtained form his most recent travels.

Weapons: His "Emperor Lancelot Knight's Sword" A weapon were the scabbard is literally a flawlessly designed lance. Made for close range combat similar to a sword. Those who cross him say he has only unsheathed his blade once. And in that time, the fight had ended by unknown means. The lance has spiraling embedded vines on it made of silver. While it points foward having a thin frame to hold the sword. The sword it'self having a Turqoise Steel. Which is unknown to how it is used or carried.

Miscellaneous: A misc item that he has, is a good luck charm. A glass eye given to him by a gypsy. In a meditative state he had seen the eye, so when it was gifted upon him. He happily took the craft which is said to bring him riches and happiness. The eye's pupil is made out of blood daimond. And the iris of black daimond. The entire eyeball made of simple crystal.


A very large amount of Nehil's past has left him. Forgotten admist the seas. What he does remember in particular is ages 9 to 16 And one memorable occasion earlier than this. At the age of 5 he was playing admist the sand near the ocean. Beautiful and elegant the sea was during this day. But oddly, it became quiet, too quiet. And a storm struck unexpectedly. Unknowing of how to handle the situation Nehil cried, and headed for shelter in a small cove on the beach. But he did not know that it as well lead to the ocean by trench.

The water powerful and forceful knocked him side to side, eventually knocking him into the ocean and in the middle of a deadly storm. Scuffling for air, and to the top of the surface every few moments gasping for air he screamed "Help! Help!" But it was as if he was alone in the world. He soon accepted his fate. But like a miracle a hand launched into the water and snatched him log crafted raft of red color. He'd passed out until the next day. And awoke on shore, a man sitting next to him. The man having bright violet hair and melancholy eyes of crimson. The same sword Nehil wields now, laying inbetween them.

The man was not old, but he was not young either. Possibly late twenties. He has strange clothes, a cloak, although only over one shoulder. A sash covered his forehead and strode down his back. Cloth pants and jewel incrested arm bands. Then he smiled and looked torwards Nehil. "I do not have much time kid. But you remind me of myself, stuck in the ocean front in the middle of death. It was the same when my master saved me. I cannot explain, but take up my blade. Surpass me, and look for me. And destory me. Do what is just, defeat evil and make the way of the sword a beautiful thing. The mind may play tricks on you, but you'll understand when you wake up. Good luck."

Nehil shot to a position of sitting up. His eyes wide with confusion. The man had gone, was it a dream. No.. It couldn't have been the sword that was once the violet haired man's. And another thing was beside him that washed up onto shore. A fruit, an odd looking fruit. He dared not eat it because of it's shape. Was it one of those "devil fruits" his mother had told him to stay away from. He snatched it and tucked it into his pocket. He took the sword, and immediately went home to show his mother. She was tear jerked by the story, she almost choked. "V-Violet!?" His mother went silent. And the memory usuall fades there. And then his memories haven't been able to produce in his mind, until the age of 13. Which was when he trained with the sword. ( To be vague and not destory his character I shall just say this ). And with that training he became a young master of the way of the blade. Through hardship, the sweat of his brow. He became feared in his hometown. And was forced to leave by the Mayor.

He understood why, if he were any normal person. He'd of been afraid of himself as well. And so, a replication of the Raft that he saw the Violet haired man appear on. Was the same he had crafted, only with a flag and of blue in color. He held his blade, and odd Fruit close, as always. His mother kissed him goodbye, and he'd been on the ocean travelling form Island to Island ever since. Many crews had tried to grant the Melancholy Knight into their ranks, but never succeeded. When they tried by force. Ships we're rumored to dissappear that same day. If only someone, made him an offer he could not refuse. He'd appreciate it, and would gladly join their crew.

Sample Rp

"So this is Lougetown, huh? How "Grand" This was mentioned as Nehil's raft beached the shore. Tying it to a simple support bead of the dock so it could not go afloat into the sea. Since the beginning of his travels did not start so well when he lost the Blue Boat, and had to swim out into the ocean to go re-obtain it. What an embarassing day he thought. Wait, he remembered that. His eyes widened a bit, and then retained their usual emotionless or Melancholy demeanor. " Lougetown, maybe it won't be such a droll place to wander after all." This brought some hope to this young man. His sword belted to his back above the cloak. At the outskirts of the city it was as if he was alone until he saw it. The bustling town of people, shops, and buildings.

"So much for being inconspicuous." Walking into town at first glance he looked odd compared to everyone else. They gave him glares and mean looks. But eventually Nehil proceeded to enter a small tavern. Walking up to the bar-man. He reached into right pocket underneath his cloak. And pulled out a small bag. Which jingled when grasped. He took out 3 gold tokens and slid them towards the bar-man. "One Brew please, and do not hesitate to leave the foam." The bar-man or bartender looked at him rather odd, and did as Nehil said. When the mug was slid over to him it was grasped by his same right hand which rested on the counter. He heard whispers and murmurs behind him. Particular about his sword, and who he was. How he may, have a large bounty on his head. Which he did. Over 70 million berries dead. And easily over 90 million alive. But they didn't know that. Not yet anyway.
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Nehil Oscura - "The Melancholy Knight"
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