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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitime1Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:22 pm

General rules

FIRST AND FOREMOST! By joining this group, you have agreed to give us full reign and power to kill off your characters after a two week period as we like (that is if you're inactive or have done something unforgivable by our standards of course~ You will be given one warning only. One.).

THIS IS A RATED-M SITE. You’ve been warned!! If you don’t like yuri, yaoi, perversion, smut or anything sex-life or extreme gore, you’ve stumbled upon the wrong forum!

Everyone should be respected. Both members, non-members and mods alike (but obviously mods should be respected more).

The staff's words are law! However, if you see any of the mods abusing their powers, please feel free to report it to any other mods or the admins along with a screenshot evidence.

Be kind to the other members and if you see someone left out of the loop or rp, do fill them in on the current on-goings as well as invite them to rp as well.

You may have as many characters as you wish, but we ask you to have them on separate accounts and to keep them active.

You can have whatever username you like, but please, once your character has been accepted, change your display name to your character's first and last name (if they have one).

Role-playing rules

Fighting amongst one another is accepted. However, if you wish to kill another person's character, make sure that the owner agrees to it and please note us the whole log so that we could update our student list.

Please be realistic with your injuries. For example, if your character suffers from severe bloodloss, she shouldn't be able to jump around all happily the next day you rp her. A SENSIBLE CONTINUATION IN THE RP MAKES US HAPPY!!

GUN USERS! Please be realistic with your ammo. You can't have infinite numbers of ammo unless if your characters know how to make them. Research the guns that they use properly and check the number of ammo that the gun carries.

Please, to those who died, make the character stay dead! Also, you are free to re-apply with another character.

If you have some elaborate plan or plot that you wish to execute, feel free to approach any of the mods and discuss it with them.

Chat rules

Keep OOC chats to a minimum if there’s an rp session going on.

When talking OOC while an rp is going on, do put }, ] or ) behind each and every sentence.

NO ICON SPAM! If you’re alone, it’s fine but if there are people and they’re talking, please don’t do so.

No ordering people around. No one likes to be ordered around and we wish to avoid any possible drama.

Again and we can’t stress this enough, NO DRAMA IN THE CHATROOM! If you wish to whine, bitch and complain about another group or a person, please do it elsewhere instead of in the chatroom. We don't wish to deal with drama, just like anyone else!

Code is Pieces-One~

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Forum Rules
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